Danbury Grange and Community Fair

Since 1914 The Blazing Star Grange has held an annual fair. Like most grange fairs it included tractor pulls, a parade, baby shows, vegetable and fruit displays, pie eating contests, sewn crafts and displays and a ham and bean dinner. A lot of things have changed in the last 109 years including the name of the fair. To broaden the attendance it was renamed to include the community and is now called the Danbury Grange and Community Fair.

The essence of the day remains the same. There is still a parade, vegetable and fruit displays, a baby show, tractor pulls, sewn item/crafts displays and sales, and a ham and bean dinner. The pie eating contest has been switched out for a very popular bed race. My granddaughter is excited to defend her title this year! The idea is you have four people push an old metal bed down the middle of the street with someone riding on it. Whichever team does so in the fastest time, wins bragging rights. It has become a very popular event.

Other events are the horseshoe contests, a Dutch auction, a silent auction, mystery children’s grab bags, craft and food vendors, This is a fun day and is reminiscent of a classic old home day gathering. If you have not seen your neighbors in a while, chances are they will be there. If you haven’t met your neighbor then this is a great place to do so.

This year the fair will be held on Saturday, September 9th. I hope to see you there!

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