Broccoli SlawNutritional tips from Audrey Broccoli is a vegetable very high in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, Iron and Potassium. It is also a very low carbohydrate food. This Slaw is a nutritional powerhouse.
Chicken Fajita CasseroleNutrition Tidbit from Dr. Audrey (Yes, I really do have a doctorate in Holistic Nutrition) Did you know that peppers have more vitamin C, ounce for ounce than oranges? That makes Fajitia casserole a great thing to make during the flu season.
Chocolate Chip MuffinsNutritional Tip from Audrey Why is is important to take the muffins out of the tins, as soon as you can handle them? If you do not, the muffins will steam from the residual heat of the pan and create a tough and chewy muffin.
Curry Chicken SaladNutrition Tips From Audrey Tumeric is the key component of Curry and is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Grapes are known for their anti-oxidant properties. Peppers are known for their high vitamin C value. This dish when made by you, without preservatives, becomes a nutritional powerhouse.
Grilled Chili ShrimpNutritional Tips from Audrey: Did you know that shrimp is a low calorie food that is high in protein? The shrimp you buy should have firm shells if they are softy or slimy, buy frozen and defrost in the refrigerator before using.
Herbed Potato PuffsTips from Audrey Did you know that salt and pepper sit side by side for a reason? It is believed that salt raises your blood pressure and pepper lowers it, so the two will balance one another out.
Honey CookiesNutritional Tip from Audrey When cooking with honey you will often have both baking powder and baking soda in the recipe to offset the acid in the recipe.
Jason’s Corn ChowderNutrition Tips From Audrey **If you do not want to thicken your corn chowder with corn starch, use mashed potatoes. Either your leftover ones or dry ones. They will act as a thickener while keeping your chowder gluten and cornstarch free.
Maple and Apple Pie Stuffed PorkNutrition Tips from Audrey You always want to dry your meat before you cook it, Especially if you like a good sear. Drying it prevents the salt or spices from melting and stops steam from forming when it hits a hot pan or oven. When using a rub it is especially important so your spice mix stays in the proportion it was intended for.
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