Dog Days Of Summer

The dog days of summer is a phrase that we are all familiar with. Yet do you know that this reference to August does not refer to dogs at all? It can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian times. They would observe the constellation Sirius, which is know as the Dog Star. It is visible and aligns with the peak summer heat in late July and early August.

In a small town the dog days of summer is when the fair season begins, when the first of crops are brought in and canning begins. Hay has to be brought in, berries need to be picked and the wood needs to begin getting stacked. But it isn’t all work, this is also the time that the fireflies come out, picnics are held, lazy days are spent in an inner tube on the water and porch living is never better!

The dog days of summer and slower living (to conserve energy) along with unbearable heat and the sun at it’s peak…take a moment to celebrate the spirit of togetherness that come along with the heat and embrace the beginning of the seasons changing. And yes, it is also a time when our dogs and puppies are unbearable hot and you will see them panting and lying around. Don’t forget to pour them an ice cold bowl of water while you drink your favorite drink to cool off or enjoy your ice cream.

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