Pass it on…

I am sitting in a very quiet home as I type this blog article. However an hour ago eight children were here cooking up a storm. This week they made all of the thanksgiving vegetables and cranberry sauce. I have been teaching children to cook for years, now I do it as a volunteer for the 4H organization. I remember , as a child, going to my neighbor’s house to learn to bake bread and I was enthralled! And it started my life long love of cooking.

I encourage you all to share your skills and things you know that make the world a better place. It does not have to be a class or an organization but there are so many people who would like to learn from you. Do you crotchet, woodwork, cook, identify mushrooms, understand economics, work on engines, garden, fish, hunt, paint, draw, write ? I am a firm believer that we can learn something from everyone.

In this crazy world if we all share a little more instead of closing ourselves off, maybe we will make that special connection in someone’s lives that changes their life for the better. You never know! One young man who was in my cooking classes for a couple of years, then went on to cake decorating and then graduated from the culinary institute of America and works in a five star resort as a pastry chef. I like to think I helped encourage him to be the best he could be. You may end up doing that to someone as well. Let’s all be thankful and pass it on!

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