Waterways in Danbury

As we swelter, this week, with high humidity and temperatures let’s think about the water we are fortunate to have in Danbury. We might not have a town beach but there are other ways to cool off and enjoy the water and the gorgeous views and settings they offer. From our tranquil marshlands to our cascading waterfall explore and I hope you enjoy another part of Danbury

We begin with the Smith River, which runs from the Grafton Tewksbury Pond then through the heart of Danbury, to Alexandria where it joins the Pemigewasset River in Bristol.. The river is named after a local, by the name of Smith, but not much is known about him to me. The river is known as a local fishing spot with a variety of different species to catch, and there are some spots that are good for a lazy tube ride.

Waukeena Lake is a little known secret, that was first called Pleasant Pond. There is one spot for the public to access the lake and that is at the fish and game boat launch. It is a shallow 56 acre lake with beautiful water, small islands and a peace that goes into your soul. If you like to watch loons, kayak or canoe this is a great little lake.

Danbury Bog Marsh is a peaceful nature retreat, that meanders beside Ragged Mountain Road. If you are a birdwatcher, a kayaker or like to canoe, this is the place to be. The marsh is home to several species of birds and is a popular nesting ground in the spring. The tranquil waters and lush greenery makes it a wonderful spot for picture taking, as well as the view of Ragged Mountain while you are out on the water.

School Pond was where we had a town beach and swim lessons as a child. It was also the location of a summer camp. The town no longer has a beach but you are able to access it by using the road off of North Road, to the left right after Independence Park. Every ice fisherman in town can tell you how to get there. It is surrounded by greenery and is a great place to practice paddle boarding, canoeing or kayaking.

Walker Brook falls is a series of beautiful falls tucked away on Walker Brook Road (and also accessible on Fraser Brook Road). The falls are a great place to lounge on the rocks and listen to the water bubble away, to enjoy being surrounded by nature and dip your toes into the cool water. My grandchildren are braver than me and will go right into the water, it takes me a while to work up to it.]

So whether you explore the marshland, the pond, the river, the waterfalls or the lake there is a way for all of us to cool off and enjoy the beauty of Danbury. Get out there and have fun!

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