Springtime! Also known as New England Bug Season

I love Spring! I have always called it the season of hope. After a long winter, the sun is out longer, the buds begin to sprout and the grass begins to green. It just wakes your soul up and makes you happy to be in New England!

And then come the bugs…From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day we longingly look out the window and wonder how we can outsmart them long enough to get some gardening done and enjoy the outdoors. We try to cover every part of our body, but then when the warm spring sun shines we have to start unlayering. Or we can try to cover ourselves with bug spray, but then we are all sticky. We can try the bug hat nets and then we can’t see half of what we are trying to do. But like good New englanders we do not give up!

In the spirit of nostalgia here are some tried methods to survive bug season. Let me know if any work for you!

Bug zappers, particularly the hand held ones. Something so satisfying about the sound when the bugs meet their fate.

Citronella candles and tiki torches, either you love the smell or you hate it.

Garlic, you can eat it and rub it on your skin to ward off mosquitoes.

Lavender Oil, rubbed on your clothing, a drop behind your ear or better heat grow some in your garden that you are trying to work in.

Catnip, you can use it the same as Lavender oil.

Vanilla extract, the real stuff, Diluted with water and sprayed on your skin.

Marigolds planted in your gardens to ward off mosquitoes.

Eucalyptus leaves, either rubbed on your skin or burned as a smudge.

Vinegar mixed with water and sprayed where the bugs gather and party (and multiply).

Cedarwood, I like this scent better than citronella. You can place cedar chips in various places, or use the oil to repel mosquitoes.

I hope this helps and if all else fails the Danbury Country Store will be carrying New Hampshire natural repellant as well as the DEET super die-bug repellant. Enjoy your spring and lets hope for a short bug season.

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