Winter in 1875

The Winter 0f 2023/2024 has started slowly. Many of us have fond memories of winter days of olde. Today, on the last day of 2023, I am going to try to take us all back to Danbury, In 1875.

As the biting winds of winter sweep through the town of Danbury. Over the wind, you can hear the whistle of the train coming into town to pick up the milk and charcoal to take to Boston and to leave the mail behind. From the potbelly stove, at the newly opened Danbury General Store, you can see the train pull in to stop. Community members are talking about the weather and politics while they are buying their hardware, medicines and food staples. Many of them on credit, until the winter is over.

The air is crisp and as the store visitors watch, the train employees bustle quickly to load the train so it can stay on schedule and they can get back inside to their fire. The town has been transformed into a wonderland of pristine white, fresh snow, with the church steeple watching over the square. If it keeps snowing the rollers will have to be brought out to pack down the snow, so the wagons can move about easily.

For now though, people are still bustling about town, bracing themselves for the challenge of a winter storm. This is a time of resilience and resourcefulness. Wood smoke curls from every chimney. The blacksmith’s door is wide open, as he never gets cold, and he is busy repairing tools that the carpenters and farmers will need. The children are at their schools and have helped to bring in wood to keep the schools warm. They watch the snow, wondering how hard the walk home will be, at the end of the day.

As we bundle up and get into our cars to go to the Danbury Country Store, just imagine what a chore that would have been like in 1875! Happy New Year everyone!

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