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Danbury Country Store
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New this week….cold brew coffee, Jack Daniel’s bbq sauce, ice tea bags, NH made greeting cards, Assault (salt and jabanero combined) and Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Oreos. See MoreSee Less

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A good day for a ride to the Danbury Country Store. See MoreSee Less

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Our first gluten free pizza! We learned a few things and are ready to make more! Original Pizza is who we buy our products from for both our regular pizza and our new gluten free pizza. I had the first bite, it was good! See MoreSee Less

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Gas Pump Clarification…. there is confusion on the regulated EMV readers which were installed on our pumps last year. Firstly they were installed so in the unlikely event the credit card readers were hacked, the money would be reimbursed to you. Without these readers, that is not the case.

If you use a debit card there is a temporary hold that the credit card company puts on your account. The amount is 200 dollars. They do this because they do not know how much gas you are going to pump and need to make sure you are not pumping 80 dollars and only have 30 dollars in your account. They do not take this money out of your account, it is only a temporary hold and by law has to be released within 24 hours, but usually much quicker. That money does not go into the gas companies account or ours, it is only a hold.

You can avoid that by paying inside or pushing credit when asked to make a selection, at the pump. Again this is a security issue as debit cards are hacked more frequently than credit cards.

In this crazy technical world we live in I appreciate your understanding of something I have no control over.
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